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Marty Karpinski       info@webbizplanet.com 7-18-2003 00:07 AM
I have a question for all of the resellers here. What is the best way to advertize your web design business? I'm having a little trouble finding enough ways to advertize, so can any reseller tell me how they get business??

Marty Karpinski
Owner, Webbizplanet.com
Stphen Hicks       stephen@rainbowinternetservices.com 7-22-2003 00:28 AM
Aloha Marty,

Stephen Hicks       stephen@rainbowinternetservices.com 7-22-2003 00:35 AM
Aloha Marty,

I have my Business Name on the side and back of both our vehicles. I have business cards and brochures in the visor of both vehicles 2 or 3 times a week, my wife or I are asked for information. I spent less than $400 total, two years ago for both vehicles and it has paid for itself many times. Provide Service a step above your competition and they will talk about you.
TomMiller       tom@ezcws.com 8-3-2003 12:37 PM
Using the telephone to introduce your service to new businesses works. Try to get an appointment to meet them face to face.
Chuck Griffis       contact@webproconnect.com 8-7-2003 2:19 PM
You can join freelancing sites. Use ppc search engines, and join web master forums to begin networking with other web professionals. Exchange links with other web service sites, such as a site that might sell seo services. Unless you are just trying to advertise locally. Then you limit what you can do.

I am working on my new site idea, webproconnect.com. Email me your info, and I will let you know when I am up and running. My new site will be a service to web consultants/professionals. Those of you who are resellers can benefit greatly from this service. I am not a reseller, though I have an account. I will be offering a paid service to web professionals by geberating leads for them.

Best wishes
Chuck Griffis
Rick       info@wisconsinchildcare.com 8-14-2003 07:49 AM
If you want to build any business you need to build relationships from which you'll receive referrals and then results (business/revenue).
Start from the local level and work your way up. The sky is the limit to where you can take your business.
I know groups of business professionals all over the world that are willing to help. More than likely even in your town. They work on the philosophy of givers gain. They help build your business by word of mouth (which is the most effective form of advertising) as do you build theirs. But it has to start with the basics, building relationships. If you want to know more or to put you in touch with a group in your area give me a call at 920-884-9041


Remember: Relationships, Referrals, Results!
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