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Marty Karpinski       info@webbizplanet.com 5-1-2003 1:39 PM
Hello everyone,

I have a very broad and open-ended question for everyone: what is the best way to attract customers?


Marty Karpinski
Owner, Webbizplanet.com
Nikki       nhopkins@mstar2.net 7-17-2003 6:08 PM
Free info, free anything.
Also, I find that people frequent sites that offer practical advice and tips, especially if it is updated often.
I think anything that has a personal touch to it attracts a visitor. :)
Chuck Griffis       contact@webproconnect.com 8-7-2003 2:26 PM
Coupons, and coupon codes are good, too. Especially if you keep updating with codes.

A variety of sticky tools will help, as well. Message boards/forums are good, if you have the right chemistry within your web community. Chat rooms are good, but far more complicated than forums.

I am not sure how to implement them yet, but blogs are a big hit.
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