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Donna       dcole@vichelle-collection.com 5-31-2006 09:49 AM
Does anyone else wish the counter system was better? It just shows the number of times visited. I had another host before and my counters included all sorts of information: where the hits originated from, how long they stayed, unique visitors, what products they looked at, etc. I could even find the individual IP address. It was very helpful with marketing, picking keywords, search engines, and so forth. Any chance eznettools is going to update and/or revise their system? Is it there and I don't know how to access it?
Chuck Griffis       chuckgriffis@comcast.net 5-31-2006 11:03 PM
I have made that suggestion before, as well. let's hope for the best. At this time, I use webstat.com. However, I would prefer logs with more info. webstat.com leaves you guessing when googlebot, for example, has crawled the site. And, much less a deep crawl vs. a few pages.

I suggest there be an update to include very detailed web stats with eznet tools.
Dan       boomindan@sbcglobal.net 6-1-2006 09:37 AM
EZ-NetTools definitely needs to upgrade their hit counter. For now I use an awesome company that does more than I ever expected. Here's their URL:


They have a free trial version where you just cut and paste their code in your site using your File->Page Options feature.

I can't imagine what more their is to tell about a visitor that this system doesn't cover. EZ-Net's Hit Counter hasn't changed in close to 7 years. The only thing they've added to it is the Load Times. Big whoop.

It's kinda hard to really complain about the Tools tho. Considering everything it does. It's really a matter of having your cake and eating it too. Although I feel a hit counter upgrade is very much in order.

I'd also like the counter to show unique visitors. If I do a page view thru File Manager it counts as a hit. It really needs to at least show both to be competitive with the other ASP's out there. So, site moderator, what're your thoughts?
Ryan       ryanj@starpointemarketing.com 6-1-2006 1:41 PM

I have used statcounter for a long time. It's a great free utility for monitoring most aspects of your stats.

You can also go to google.com/analytics. Google recently purchased Urchin and is making their tools free for the taking. There is a waiting list though so get signed up. I've been using it for a couple months and it's great. It integrates wonderfully with AdWords.

Mike       support@eznettools.net 6-1-2006 3:06 PM
This is Mike in the technical support department. We did look into doing an upgrade on the counters awhile ago, but as you have been discussing and noticed we didn't make the changes. The reason is that, as you have been discussing, there are plenty of very excellent hit counters out there that are free. We thought it would be a wise use of our programming time to develop tools that are not as easily accessed freely. So, by all means take advantage of these free counters, and if in the future they are not free or there be some other need arise we can seriously consider redoing the hit counter tool.
Dan       boomindan@sbcglobal.net 6-2-2006 09:00 AM

I appreciate what you're saying regarding good free hit counters. However, I believe that's contradictory to ICServ's purpose with the tools in the first place.

The marketing efforts for the Tools contend that they take all the pieces of the puzzle and put them into one, "EZ" to use, package. Their whole idea is to not take different pieces of the puzzle from a bunch of different places.

For EZ-Net to go ahead and say use something else than what we provide doesn't seem to fit with their marketing philosophy. By saying there are many good free counters out there opens the door for that thinking for other Tools features as well.

I don't think the fact that while in deed there are good free counters that that should dissuade EZ-Net from developing, or implementing, a better counter into the system.

I can't imagine ANY business saying "yes. we offer that feature, but it's not as good as other FREE services so feel free to use those". I don't think that's a door any business would want to open.

Bottom line, advanced hit counters are becoming increasingly important to web success and marketing. EZ-Net needs to be on the forefront of this feature and upgrade their current counters.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Tools counter has been the same for the almost 7 years I've been using it. I remember the Tools 7 years ago and I know them now. 7 years ago it was awesome and nothing else came close. The Tools have grown leaps and bounds in that time. However, the counter still remains yesterday's old news.

Wouldn't you agree it's time for a change?
Joseph West       support@eznettools.com 6-2-2006 10:44 AM

The points you bring up concerning hit counters are very worthy of consideration. At EZ-NetTools we try to provide a set of integrated tools for developing and maintaining web sites. Hit Counters that were feature rich would be a very good candidate as an integrated tool. However, Hit Counters are one of many enhancements that vie for our programming resources. There are several reasons that other projects have moved ahead of Hit Counters.

First, feature rich hit counters require a lot of programing and system resources. Four years ago, we did develop an advanced counter system. We halted implementation when we determined amount of data required would come uncomfortable close to exceeding the capacity of our MySQL database. While newer versions of MySQL allow for larger database, other system constraints concerned us. Thus we have never implemented the upgrades.

Second, one of the constraints has been our capital budget for servers for storing the data. In the last several years the vast majority of capital expenditures have gone to support our email system. The spammers of the world have cost EZ-NetTools substantially. This is particularly painful for me because we could certainly use these resources elsewhere. However, we have had no choice because email is a critical tool for a web site.

Third, if we had implemented advanced hit counters, there would have been an extra charge for them to help recover the extra costs. That would have been a good model until Google offered free hit counter tools. It would be impossible for us to compete with Google.

Fourth, while we would like to provide integrated tools, it does not make sense to provide everything needed for all web sites. For example, it does not make sense for us to provide our own gateway service, something every ecommerce web site needs. There are very good third party solutions and it would require a lot of resources to develop one.

Fifth, we have decided to put our programming resources into those web tools where we can provide a competitive advantage. You know the old saying, “Jack of all trades, but master of none.” We have to make choices.

Consequently, it is not likely we will upgrade the Hit Counters any time soon. However, something we might be open to is making it easier to integrate third party hit counter software. We could make it easier to put insert the correct HTML code into your web page. What are you thoughts on that?
Chuck Griffis       chuckgriffis@comcast.net 6-2-2006 9:15 PM

Most stat code can be copied and pasted in page builder. I use webstat.com, and even have it on the message board and calendar.

What I would want access to is server logs. This info is much deeper than what free counters, or even paid services offer. I want to know how far into my site googlebot crawled. I want to block certain ips from certain countries. I'd like custom 404 pages. I would like to see the bulletin board enhanced - it is way behind the times, but usuable. There is not enough room for customization with the board. the character spacing is not enough in the form for adding my own code to enhance the board, and services. The same is true for the calendar. I have added pics to my calendar page with the events but find I don't have enough room for the number of character spaces I need.

I realize that much of what I am saying seems to be off topic, but it is not. With your comments about limited resources in effect you are saying eznet can not stay up with the competition. I realize you market "tools", however, what we are asking for is standard fare with most web hosts who offer the tools you feature, as well. The old saying, "if you can't run with the big dogs stay off the porch" definitely applies to the web. If you have limited resources then increase your resources, or get phased out by the ongoing evolution of the web. Don't get me wrong. I think there are some features that are really great about eznet tools. I especially like the form builder in pagebuilder. I like the mailing list, and personally, I have not found one that is better, imo.

I need interactivity on my site. I really would like to see updates that I have mentioned here, and btw, the counter has been an issue with me in the past as well. This, "we have to put these things on the back burner" with what should be standard features with the package is going to hurt you in the long run. The web is way to competitive, and evolving constantly, for a company to get too far behind.

Joseph       joseph@eznettools.com 6-5-2006 11:42 AM

The updates you request are good ones, worthy of consideration for future upgrades. I appreciate your comments and interest. Unfortunately, wants and desires always exceed the resources necessary to provide them. Even Microsoft with their billions of dollars have taken decades to develop an operating system that will not crash, if they indeed have achieved that worthy goal yet. The history of business is littered with the “corpses” of businesses who over reached their resources as well as those who were stagnant. We doing our best to walk the middle ground. While the past is no predictor of the future, we did survive the “dot com” bust.
Ryan Jenkins       ryanj@starpointemarketing.com 6-6-2006 12:01 PM

That would be great. I agree, it would be nearly impossible to beat Google at what they offer. It would be great though if the tools were made to integrate a 3rd party software in. If EZ-NetTools is serious about websites and client success, it would be advantageous to add a link in the control panel like "Add a Google Counter" or something.

Has the company ever looked at either acquiring or partnering with another business with particular traits/strengths (like counters, bulletin-boards, etc.)? For example, I know you use Velaro in-house...ever think of setting up a partnership/affiliation with them and offering that to your customers (even if they have to purchase it you can show them it's available).


P.S. The counters offered by StatCounter.com give you access to logs and ip addresses. You can observe individual paths that visitors take through the site and more. Google's tools show trends, etc.
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