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Ryan       ryanj@threeleveldesign.com 12-15-2005 08:51 AM
How many of you use CSS in your websites? I have had some peers review my site and the overwhelming response is to make the site in CSS. I know I can implement it into the tools but I would love to see the tools tweaked to actually use CSS. It's an invaluable tool and will save tons on load time, etc.

Also, I would like to see a Doctype included in the code as well as validated code. Xhtml is not that different from html. Xhtml is more reliable and would eliminate some of the problems of different browsers.
Keith       ken@waycooltechnical.com 12-15-2005 12:44 PM
I've used a fair amount of CSS but without a valid DOCTYPE there are a lot of functions that won't work or won't work properly. Pull down menus for example. The couple of messages I sent to support regarding DOCTYPE's were unanswered.

Validating your pages would be very nice but I've never been able to do so even if I've fudged in a DOCTYPE. The way EZNettools works, coding wise, adds a fair amount of extraneous coding to the pages which would prohibit validation. To the novice page builder it's no big deal, which is what EZNettools was designed for, but to the advanced user it becomes difficult to get a particular desired effect without the DOCTYPE.

Basic CSS can be used with the HTML blocks and in the HEAD but to use the page builder and make the site CSS, per Ryan’s comment, would have nothing but an HTML block on it and you would still get bloated coding and pages that won’t validate. The get around would be to use your own coding with Notepad or Dreamweaver and upload them but that would nullify the use of EZNettools.

The tools are great for beginners or those who don't care or have time to learn HTML. I still use the tools because they're quick and easy but I'm using more and more HTML and CSS in my pages rather than the different blocks. In fact I’ve built a couple of pages using nothing but HTML and CSS with a proper DOCTYPE and got them to validate.

I would agree though that, at the very least, having the ability to add a DOCTYPE block, or the equivalent, would be very useful. I’d also like to see the HEAD area a little larger to see more of the text instead of a tiny little window.
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