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tish       tish@brubeckmusic.com 8-21-2003 09:18 AM
I'm wondering if anyone else is having problems with their email, even before the latest SOBIG virus. Besides not getting all my email the last few weeks, which support is working on, suddenly I had 1092 emails in one of my mailboxes yesterday. ALthough that is probably due to SOBIG, it does raise the question, why can't you Select All emails to delete messages? Also, are there any anti-spam filters in your system? Has anyone else had these problems? I'm interested to hear.
Stephen       stephen@rainbowinternetservices.com 8-21-2003 12:50 PM
Yes, I am having the same problem but not such a big number of junk. My has mostly been in the last three days.
Chuck Griffis       contact@webproconnect.com 8-21-2003 9:47 PM
Just down load it into outlook express, and set your message rules to send your email to a specific folder, select all, and delete.
Ronnie Simson       rsimson@willsimson.com 8-26-2003 11:32 PM
I'm actually having a problem even connecting to my email. The server keeps terminating the connection. Anyone having this problem?
Lance       Lance@macegroup.net 8-27-2003 03:44 AM
Use the beta test site.....


then sign in as normal...you can toggle all messeges...
bill       billdevin@devinmfg.com 8-27-2003 07:49 AM
today we seem to have no e-mail service
Support       support@eznettools.net 8-27-2003 2:10 PM
We're currently working on a filter to block the sobig worm that is clogging up the mail system. Mail.ezonlinemail.com is actually the best solution right now to access messages.
Chuck Griffis       contact@webproconnect.com 8-27-2003 11:45 PM
Seems to be doing the job. No .pif emails coming my way. Thanks!
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