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Rick       info@wisconsinchildcare.com 5-21-2003 05:48 AM
You know how you want to keep visitors on your site for as long as possible.
It would be nice to implement opening a new window with the links for clients Premier listings of the Directory.

As of now visitors want to veiw more info or the clients web site or map and driving directions and they leave the site.

Is this something that can be considered for an upgrade in the future?

Lonnie Ellerbee       support@cajunwebcreations.com 3-22-2006 03:30 AM
That would be OK I guess. As it is now I view it this way. The more information button can go to a full page ad created on the business directory site therefore keeping the visitor there.

Or if you do point to an off site url then when the new window does come up they would have to close that window when done leaving your site in background.

The bottom line is, do what is in the best interest of the client.

Have fun with it.

Ryan       ryanj@starpointemarketing.com 4-3-2006 2:55 PM
I agree with Rick though. It is not bad practice to have an external link open in a new window. This is common and accepted by most users. Rick, do this and keep your site open in the background...you can't afford to be sending your visitors to another website!
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