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Jennifer       info@neighborhoodbusinesspages.com 7-28-2004 7:48 PM
Is it possible to replace "Work 000-000-0000 Number with just the telephone number without the word "Work" in front of the telephone number for businesses in EZ Directory? Or even: Tel.: 000-000-0000 or Bus.: 000-000-0000?
Sean - EZ-NetTools TechSupport       support@eznettools.net 7-29-2004 11:27 AM
Sorry, but there isnt a way to get rid of the "work" that shows up next to the telephone, it is part of the hard coding for the directory.
Frank       frank@cccol.net 8-29-2004 05:05 AM

There is a way to fix that problem. Email me and I will walk you through it.
Look at my site.


Sean - EZ-NetTools TechSupport       support@eznettools.net 9-13-2004 10:10 AM
Yes, There is a way that is being worked on right now so you can do this.
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