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Jackie       jaclyn2mc@yahoo.com 4-27-2006 4:27 PM
Is there a way to add pop up windows to the website?
Keith       ken@waycooltechnical.com 4-29-2006 2:32 PM
The HTML code is Link text.

Within EZnettools add " target=_blank after the link so your link should look like:

webpage.html" target="_blank
Big Chuck       chuckgriffis@comcast.net 5-5-2006 6:31 PM
Probably not through page builder, but you can go to echoecho.com and find a script. There are some java scripts you can load on the server using note pad and use the onload in the body tag. In page builder go to page options...
Big Chuck       chuckgriffis@comcast.net 5-9-2006 7:31 PM
There is a difference in opening a link in a new window (target=blank) vs a "pop-up window" - there are java scripts for that. Do you want the behind the window pop-up, or the on top pop-up? personally, I wouldn't use pop-ups with all the pop-up blockers. The conversion/cpm is not what it use to be. For that matter, even before the blockers my conversions (sales) were not that great. If you are trying to get peoples attention with a sign-up form you can email me for some ideas. But I would not go the pop-up window route.
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