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David Bagley       dbags8@heritage-music.com 11-23-2006 6:47 PM
Is anyone else experiencing so many problems with ezonline mail? We struggle to have it work consistantly. We are using Outlook 2003. Any suggestions
connie       connie@peakadvantage.com 11-27-2006 2:11 PM
Support tells me it will be fixed Tuesday. The important thing you can do to help support is to make sure that the mail you are downloading in outlook is not also staying in ez-online mail. Also I find my customers that are using the new spam filter are not going into ez-onlinemail trash and purging all the spam. Do this to help everyone.
Dan       danboomin@yahoo.com 11-28-2006 10:43 AM
I've been using EZ-Online Mail for 7 years now and it's always been slow and glitchy. When I first enabled their Bayesian Spam Filter it worked quite well. I created a Spam Folder and almost all of the spam was directed to it. I was lucky to get get 1 Spam in my inbox a month. Now, however, for the past few weeks all heck has broke loose. I get several dozen Spam emails to my Inbox EVERY day. I mark EVERY single email "Spam" or "Not Spam" to teach the filter but it no longer seems to be working. I once tried having it forward to my Outlook Express but will never again. I missed so many emails when that happened. I spent hours with tech support to figure it out. I would get a temporary fix and then it would just happen all over again. I'd talk to people who'd say "didn't you get my email?" I'd stay on the phone with them and verify the email address spelling, wait for them to send it again, check my inbox again after they re-sent it....nothing. Funneling it to Outlook was a bad experience for me and several of my customers. I don't recommend it. As far as all the spam goes, Joseph West recently emailed me saying they've been targeted by a clever spammer. Which of course is something you always want to hear from your email provider. Anyway, the filter worked great before, I hope it will again. I have over 15 different EZ-Online email accounts I check daily and deciphering what is actual spam can get tricky at time without opening them up. Anyone else notice a recent surge in spam?
Joseph West       joseph@eznettools.com 12-4-2006 11:22 AM
There is no doubt, spam continues to be a problem. Fighting spam is a cat and mouse game. In the beginning, simple rules were effective. Searching for viagra in a message was an effective filtering technique at first. It did not take spammers long change their tactics. Several years ago, Bayesian filters were developed that were sophisticated and effective at fighting spam. Another effective filtering technology was to identify the IP addresses of the common spammers and to block all traffic from those addresses. In the last six months and especially in the last month, some spammers have evolved their techniques to defeat both of these filtering techniques. At the same time the amount of spam being spewed forth has tripled. I refer you to a recent article in the published by CNN in November 2006, that I have posted on the EZNetHelp web site (http://www.eznethelp.com/Resources/CNNspamarticle.htm). Another generation of spam fighting techniques as not yet emerged to combat these new spammers.

We spend more of our capital and server administration resources on email systems than we do on hosting your web sites and developing EZ-NetTools. The majority of these resources are consumed fighting spam. This is truly a waste but it is the environment we find ourselves in. The irony of this latest attack, is that a simple rule will identify the latest spam, at least for a while. We are currently using this rule, but it will not be effective for long, because it is clear that the spammers have obviously done this purposely so that they can show off. When they really get serious, they will stop leaving their mark.

I do not know why you are having problems with down loading your email to Outlook express. That is how I receive most of my email from the multiple email accounts I use. I have a secondary Bayesian spam filter in Outlook Express in addition to the filters in EZ-Online mail. Both filters catch hundreds of spam messages every day. While this approach is effective, more and more spam is getting through ever day. As I said in the beginning, this is a cat and mouse game. Right now the mice, these spammers, have the upper hand. Soon there will be another technology that will give us the advantage.

Unfortunately, this is world we live in.
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