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Big Chuck       bigchuck@bigchuck.com 7-6-2005 10:22 AM
I have peeked at some of your websites and have found that there is a lot of wasted space. Not that I am being critical, but rather I am trying to help. This is not spam - no promotional gimmiks. Some of you are listing sites (links) for your visitors, that offer affiliate programs that allow you to earn commission when a visitor performs and action. For example: I saw links on some of your sites to priceline(?!), and 1-800flowers(?!). Why send them free traffic with a link on your site when you can earn commission with that link?

Part of the problem, too, is leakage, and that leakage brings nothing back to you, except a visitor who left your site without making you money.

I'm not trying to promote anything, but I just couldn't believe my eyes. Some of you are missing out on some real opportunity.
connie       connie@peakadvantage.com 7-20-2005 10:34 AM
I looked at your site and see that you have many big name links. How do you get them to link back to you? Our requests to trade are usually ignored by the big shots.
Big Chuck       bigchuck@bigchuck.com 7-20-2005 4:31 PM
ALL those links are revenue baring links. On my links page... those people have not been kind enough to exchange. However, I do have some other web publishers (affiliates) hooking me up. One is a gift card site that receives 10,000 visitors a day! cool. If you browse my site and see a page you would want to place a link on, just let me know, and we can exchange. I have a submit a site page.
Daniel       publisher@eaptools.com 1-23-2006 11:31 AM
You didn't answer the question. How do you get the big shots to let you put there site on your page for money?
Ryan       ryanj@threeleveldesign.com 1-24-2006 4:00 PM
How much do you make for each of those links? per-click? per month?
Big Chuck       bigchuck@bigchuck.com 1-26-2006 10:20 PM

Most of those links are cpa - Cost per Acquisition. I earn commission for sales, leads, and with some like revenue pilot, or Google's Adsense (Adwords) I get paid per click. I won't tell how much traffic I get, or how much I make. However, there are some affiliates (web publishers) who make in the 10's of thousands of dollars a month. I aint one of 'em, YET! I would not advise people to follow my model for two reasons: (1) Google and other search engines find little or know value in sites like mine other than I am making money. This requires people like me to become savvy at beating the search engines. They hate us with a passion. (2) Over saturation. Most of the products you search for will have you visiting an affiliate's site before you will go to the merchants site.

If you have a content site, with good info, then it doesn't hurt to find ads that match your content. For example: if you have a fishing website community then it would be good to have promotions for Bass Pro Shops. They offer an affiliate program through one of the major networks.

The way this works, of course, is tracking technology which involves dropping a cookie on a users hard drive. If the user has disables cookies, or deletes cookies it can effect the affiliates earning potential, not all together, but in some ways.

A few of the major affiliate networks are: Commission Junction (cj.com), Link Share (linkshare.com), Share A Sale(Shareasale.com), and Google Adsense. There is affiliatefuel.com, too, which is mostly, but not entirely, lead generation campaigns. There are others. Just go to a search and type in "affiliate marketing networks" or "affiliate marketing".

The sales commissions vary, from as little as 3% to 50%, depending on what you are promoting. Many of the online department store type businesses pay 5%-20%

I hope this helps.
Big Chuck       bigchuck@bigchuck.com 1-26-2006 10:24 PM

I peeked at your site. There are many advertisers through the networks I mentioned that off affiliate programs that you could plug into your site. There are web hosting services, web design services, e-commerce services, advertising services. However, some of these might be your competition. You could join up with one of the magazine merchants, for example, or with barnes and Noble and offer books and magazines that your visitors might be interested in. A book on "starting an online business" might catch the eye of one of your visitors to your site.
ryan       ryan@threeleveldesign.com 1-31-2006 8:31 PM

Thanks for your thoughts. Just as you commented, I've considered the pros and cons of adding links to other hosting/design/etc. services and chosen against that since it would be competition.

I am looking at linking to certain books on Amazon that I recommend to my clients/leads. The only reason I haven't done it yet is because I want to design it into the website so it complements the design instead of detract from it. I'm just so busy designing for clients that it's hard to find the time necessary to get this done.

Thanks for you suggestions. Any others?

Big Chuck       bigchuck@bigchuck.com 2-1-2006 10:57 PM
Yeah. Make a webmaster section to your site with tips and stuff. Place Google adsense ads/referral links there. Adsense is a good filler and Google pays. You have to generate a hundred bucks to get a check. I forget what their referrals pay but if I remember right it is good, too.

The one service you might promote on your site, since webmasters are likely targets to browse your site, is search engine promotion, and advertising services. Just a thought. copy and paste some code and see what happens. BTW, most of the affiliate networks have multi-tier promotions along with their referral bounties for getting other web publishers to sign-up for their programs, i.e. you get two bucks for the sign-up and 5% of what they make. I know some web publishers that exclusively target other webmasters and sit back while others make 'em money! You get a thousand to sign-up, and let's say 5 of 'em produce well, you could be making some serious change while you sleep at night.
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