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Kathy       kacadiab@yahoo.com 11-11-2006 7:10 PM
Apparently there is a bug in internet explorer that causes the right side of a border to render incorrectly. I have a column on some pages with a border that doesnt show unless i make it really big. I am now trying to implement the new catalog layout, and on some of the product display pages, the right side doesnt show up. Visitors cannot access the values that are available for the options. It's extremely frustrating. I was told that developers are trying to find a work around. I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue, and are the two related to the same thing? (both in the page builder and the catalog)

Thanks in advanced
Ryan       ryanj@starpointemarketing.com 11-13-2006 4:48 PM
I was actually getting the same thing in Firefox before IE7 came out. They said they were working on fixing it.

I believe that just using regular padding fixes it (but puts padding all around) which suggests to me that they've incorrectly used some CSS to place the right border.
Kathy       kacadiab@yahoo.com 11-18-2006 7:47 PM
Yeah, padding does work. Unfortunately it doesn't look right in some cases. I have tables via layout managers and with padding it looks like i have messed up the columns. They don't flow well. Thanks for the reply. I hope this is looked into because it messes with many pages.
Dan       boomindan@yahoo.com 12-4-2006 5:16 PM
I was also experiencing this problem. As of the past day it appears ICServ has found some sort of solution. I see in the code they now have this added: !--[if IE]>
I don't know if this is what fixed it but it seems to work okay for now. Anyone else notice a difference?
Connie       connie@peakadvantage.com 12-4-2006 6:47 PM
I had the same problem. Here is how support fixed it for me. They put the following in the head code at the bottom of page options.

Then in the layout css Class they put

They also informed me that it is only a matter of weeks before they solve the problem. They are testing it now.
Connie       connie@peakadvantage.com 12-5-2006 10:13 AM
oops! Can't put code in brackets and expect to see it! Here is how support fixed it for me. They put the following in the head code at the bottom of page options in brackets
!--[if IE]>Then put borderFix in cssclass of layout mgr.
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