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Cathy       cmdpdd@buckeye-express.com 10-26-2003 3:23 PM
I would like customers shopping on my website to be able to download information. I have this information in a folder stored in "my documents" on my computer. How do I route them to this folder?
Stephen       stephen@rainbowinternetservices.com 10-30-2003 3:57 PM
Aloha Cathy

You should be able to upload the file to the server and then just link to the document. I.e. Word, Excel or PDF. The file must be less than 2MB
Keith       ken@waycooltechnical.com 10-30-2003 9:49 PM
I think you'd be better off to put it on your site and add a link to it on one of the pages. Much easier than creating a hole in the firewall on your machine at home which may become vulnarable. Plus if it crashes your customers won't be able to get to it and you won't have to keep your machine on 24/7.

If it's sensitive information then put it in a folder and put a password on it.

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