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These courses are for those who are brand new to EZ-Nettools. These courses will be very short and to the point. When you are done with these courses you will understand the general capabilities of the tools and loose some of your fear about clicking on a link.
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EZ-PageBuilder - Quick Start Guide

You will learn how to build a simple, but effective web page in 60 minutes or less. In the process you will learn the basic processes in EZ-Nettools for building pages. This will be a great foundation for all your future page building activities.

EZ-Pagebuilder Basics - Webinar
EZ-Pagebuilder Basics - Webinar

Learn the basics of building and maintaining web pages with EZ-PageBuilder. EZ-FileManager and Global Settings will also be covered.

Global Information - Basic Features

You will learn how to change the information that will appear on every page in your web site.