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  1. How To Create a Simple Mobile Website
  2. How To Redirect To Your Mobile Website

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Download EZ-Upload

Need to upload large files, or a large group of photos? EZ-Upload is the perfect tool for industrial sized uploads to your website! Download EZ-Upload Here

EZ-Net University (EZNetU) provides online instructional courses on how to help develop web sites. Some courses are generic to web development, for example, Preparing Photos for the Web. Most courses relate specifically to using EZ-NetTools to build web sites. EZ-NetTools are a set of online software tools that allow web designers to build and maintain web sites without knowing HTML.

The university catalog outlines a comprehensive list of courses. However, we have not completed many of these courses. While descriptions of all courses are displayed only those that have clickable links are complete. We develop courses based on the interest we receive. Your can provide your input via email or phone.

The course catalog is cross referenced several different ways. The navigation links on the left correspond to these categories.

  • New Students. Based on our years of experience, we have selected those courses that are most helpful for new users to get them started.
  • By Topic. The courses can also be listed by the general topic or college, like graphics or page building. Within each topic, the courses are listed in order from basic to advanced.
  • By Skill Level. The courses range from very basic to advanced. In this section the courses are arranged according to difficulty and prerequisite knowledge. The courses in the Orientation section assume little knowledge about EZ-NetTools but a some knowledge of computers and the internet. The other sections assume more knowledge of EZ-Nettools.
  • Most Popular. The knowledge gained in some courses are helpful in many other courses. As a result they are very popular. Also, some courses provide training to new tools introduced to EZ-NetTools. Consequently, there is a lot of interest in these courses.
  • Audio. A few courses are either completely audio or have an audio component. Just courses with these characteristics are listed in this section.