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Configuring Auto Payments
Of the many services offered by EZ-NetTools, one of the most helpful, but often unnoticed, is Auto Pay. With Auto Pay, your monthly bill for your EZ-NetTools account is automatically charged to your credit card each month on the day you specify. It has been well accepted by many accounts.
The Auto Pay service has many benefits. Some include: 
  • Simplification of your monthly payment processing. Itís like being on auto pilot.
  • Relief from the stress of being late on payments.
  • The comfort that you will receive uninterrupted service.
  • Convenience of credit card companies automatically recording and tracking payments with your other purchases.
  • Reassurance about your account when you are busy or on vacation.
  • Money saved from monthly statement and postage costs.
  • Money saved from late fees accrued.
Auto Pay provides everyone more time to do the more important things like fixing up your web site or account, servicing your existing customers better, or even more personal time. Auto Pay is a lot easier than hunting for stamps and envelops each month.
Note: AutoPay will only work if your EZ-NetTools reseller or master reseller has configured his system with a credit card gateway. Contact them if you have any questions.
Configuring for AutoPay
To configure the AutoPay process look for the "Accounts Payable" link in the members or reseller menus. The graphic below shows were to find the link from the member tools.
Accounts payable links
For Resellers, click here
After clicking on the link you will see the Accounts Payable system. Click on the "Address and Credit Card Information."
After clicking on the link, you will see a page that will allow you to configure you billing and payment information. The graphic below shows the top part of the page. The billing address information you entered in your account profile will already be filled in. The credit card information is located at the bottom half of this page. You will need to scroll down to see it.
Address page
Since the upper part of the page will already be filled in, you only need to enter or update the information on the bottom of the page. You need to enter the name and address as it appears on your credit card and the billing address for the credit card. Then fill in the credit card type, number, expiration date, and CVC number. (The CVC number is the last three or four digits shown on the reverse side of the credit card.)
Credit Card information
Then select "Yes" from the drop down box the option labeled "Auto Payment."
Select AutoPayment option
Review to make sure the credit card information is correct and then click the submit button. You are now set up for Auto Payment and will start saving time and stress knowing one bill will be paid automatically.