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We had Thanksgiving at my parent's this year, and it was wonderful, as usual. We had a smaller crowd than we have had in the past with just us, Lance & Becky, and Kevin. I provided mashed potato's and four pies. That's right. I made four pies to go along with my Mom's three pies. Custard, (I grew up with my Grandma Burt's custard pie every Thanksgiving, so it just doesn't seem like Thanksgiving without it!) Peach (my personal favorite), chocolate cream (Richard's favorite), and banana cream (totally from scratch - pudding and all). I was feeling pretty domestic. I even made my Mom's pie crust recipe and it seemed to turn out alright, but I still can't get the pies to look as pretty as my Mom's. Maybe next year...

Here is my Dad carving the turkey.

Marianne with my little brother, Kevin.

Becky, Abram, and William

Didn't think I would be able to take James in the backyard to swing this time of year, but it turned out to be a really nice day.

It was fun to have my grandparents stop in later that evening.

KaraLyn's thoughts on Thanksgiving:

I have so much to be grateful for, yet I often find myself complaining about things that, when put into perspective, are truly blessings in my life. For example, I often wonder why, no matter how many loads of laundry I do in a day, the laundry basket is NEVER empty, yet how often am I grateful for all the clothes we have to wear? I find myself wishing that our house was bigger, because sometimes it just feels cramped - especially when we are trying to get five rowdy kids to sleep in two bedrooms. But, how often do I express gratitude for our house, and the children that fill it? I often wish we had more, but then every once in a while (should be more often) I realize that we have everything we need, and more. We are so blessed. This time of year, I am especially grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To have the knowledge of Heavenly Father's plan as an anchor in my life is truly the greatest gift I have. To know where to look for comfort and peace, and a remission for my sins is a great blessing in this world of uncertainty and confusion. And lastly, I am grateful to be a mother and wife. I am living the life I always wanted, and I love it!