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A Few of Richard's Favorite Recipes

Graham Crackers and Water


This is a quick and easy recipe that can fill you up very fast while you are making it.  You will need one package of graham crackers and a glass of water.  This recipe is unique because you actually eat the final product  as it is being made.  First you break a graham cracker in half so that you have 2 rectangles of graham cracker left on the cracker.  Dip it in the glass of water to the depth of one graham cracker rectangle and wait exactly 3 seconds.  Over-soaking will result in loss of graham cracker rectangle and excessive floaties  in the water.  Remove cracker from water and shake once or twice to shed excess water.  Next, place soaked portion of cracker in mouth and devour.  Repeat process with remaining graham cracker rectangle and then continue to devour the rest of the package carefully dipping and soaking the graham cracker rectangles as described above.  It should take approximately 1 minute to devour one package of graham crackers.  When package runs out, drink the remaining water in the glass, and search cupboards for any thing else you might be able to eat.


Toast & Hot Chocolate




Stephen’s Hot Cocoa


To make an excellent cup of Hot Cocoa, fill a regular coffee mug with water.  Place in microwave.  If your microwave is weak like ours, you’ll have to put it in for at least 2 minutes.  Once it has reached the desired temperature, remove it from the microwave.  Dig through the Stephen’s Hot Cocoa can until you find the tiny clear plastic cup.  Place one heaping scoop in the hot water, and then one more scoop about 2/3 full.  If the water is not saturated, you will not enjoy your hot cocoa.  As you stir, hot cocoa should be spilling on the counter if all previous instructions have been followed.  Make some toast. Add butter.  Dip the toast freely in the hot cocoa and consume.