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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was November 22, which also happened to be mom and dad's 35th Anniversary! Happy anniversary mom and dad! Can I just say, my parents are amazing! They made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, complete with a multiple-choice quiz that we had to take before we could eat. It had questions ranging from "What year was the first thanksgiving dinner?" to "What did mom and dad eat on their first Thanksgiving together?" (Hot turkey sandwitches, by the way, and I got it right.:) It was a lot of fun.

Marianne made this pilgram hat at school. (And, notice her new glasses. So far, she still loves them!) I also got this cute picture of Lyndsey and Alece.

The girls got their own table. How fun is that!?! clockwise from top: Anna, Lyndsey, Sarah, and Marianne

Alyse and Cameron

Becky and Abram

Lance and Abram

clockwise from top: Thomas, Cameron, and Adam
Now here is a family who can say "cheese" with their mouths full!