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New @ Laser Stone Midwest
Over the years one of the most often found problems with user's lasers is dirty optics. Laser Optics should be cleaned daily if not more often according to the type of materials you are laser engraving. We have had users call us about there lasers loosing power, only to find out their optics have not been cleaned in weeks and in several cases never. Dust deposited on the mirror (s) leads to power drop and poor output quality. Moreover, there is a greater chance for optical lenses to be damaged when they are covered with dust. This is because dust particles on the surface of the mirror get burnt by the laser, and this causes damage to the coating on the mirror. LaserSketch has developed the below Optics Cleaning Kit to resolve these problems. These are the tools that LaserSketch uses to keep their optics in top conditions. A dirty laser optical lens can be destroyed by having a slight film on it, reducing the laser beam transmission though the lens. As the laser beams hits the dirty film, the laser beam will cause the dirty film to heat, there-by heating the lens destroying the special coating on the lens that provides for the laser beam to transverse through the lens.

LSOCK: LaserSketch's own Laser Optics Cleaning Kit

LSOCK, @ $24.49

Kit Contents:

Three Packages of 25 sheets each of Premium Lens Tissue, Convenient 4" x 6" booklet. Extremely soft, for any lens, glass or plastic: Formula MC, The world's #1 multi-coated filter and lens cleaner. Easily removes smudges and fingerprints. Only requires two drops on premium grade lens tissue. Does not leave a residue. Soft-Tek Micro Cleaning Cloth. 8 inches x 8 inches, Thick, ultra soft chemically free, micro fiber. This non-woven long fiber structure traps dust and dirt. For cleaning all gloss surfaces. Actually improves with washing. Do not use fabric softener. Ultra Brush lipstick style brush, totally different than standard camel-hair brushes. It's unique fibers are ultra-soft for cleaning the delicate surface of laser optics. Twenty, Swab It's to remove those hard to get to lens with dirt spots. Storage box to keep the kit together and clean when not in use. Kit comes with complete cleaning instruction for cleaning your Laser Optics.

Van-Son CML-Oil Base Plus, Back-Filling Ink:
Specially formulated for use on Marble and/or Granite Stone after lasering to high-lite the Lasered Area. Use a cotton Q-tip to apply to Lasered area and thin rub off excess with paper towel.
VS-745 Black, 4 Ounces, @ $23.37
VS-727 Copper Gold, 4 Ounces, @ $23.37
VS-728 Metallic Silver, 4 Ounces, @ $22.26
VS-729 Opaque White, 4 Ounces, @ $23.37
LaserLoupe, 10x Magnifier:

If you are a Laser Engraver and do not have a Loupe, you need a LaserLoupe. The second most use tool in our laser lab, next to our Optics Cleaning Kit. With only two to three passes of the laser you can examine the laser burns on your engraving material to see if you have the correct settings.  The LaserLoupe pays for it's self on the first resetting of your laser. Stop Ruining Material.

LaserLoupe, @ $7.83
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