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We first heard about Plane & Stain after stopping at a house that had a fence that we liked. We asked the owners about their newly-built fence and the homeowners had nothing but good things to say about the company. We have dealt with a lot of home improvement companies in the past while flipping homes, but the guys at Plane & Stain totally exceeded our expectations. They went above and beyond, providing excellent service and really paid attention to our needs as their clients. We had them replace our chain link fence to fully enclose our backyard. They worked quickly without compromising quality. In addition to the backyard fence, we gave them a photograph of a custom-build enclosure we wanted. They were very thorough in asking questions about our vision of what we saw as the end product and very particular about the quality of wood they used for the project (even so much as rejecting a shipment that didn't meet their expectations). Successfully, they built exactly what we wanted. We have already received many compliments on their work from passersby and neighbors have stopped by to ask to step inside to see the details of their work. Even my husband, who is rarely ecstatic at the end of projects, was very pleased.

We highly recommend Plane & Stain. The owners, Ian & Justin are a pleasure to work with, thorough and very accommodating. They not only take pride in their work, but are often onsite doing the work themselves and have a reliable and trustworthy team. We didn't have to worry or have to address any issues with no-shows or leaving a mess; they were always onsite when they said they would be. To top it off, who takes time to stop and listen to what your very talkative 4-year old has to say and even water a couple of dying plants in their work area because they simply cared? They are very professional, clearly love and are good at what they do, but most importantly, they care about the representation and reputation of their business.
-Marcus Residence
Redwood City, CA

"I would like to give kudos to a good fence contractor! As a property manager for Home Owners Associations on the Peninsula, I deal with vendors and homeowners on a daily basis. I can highly recommend Plane and Stain, as a reputable and quality company for all of your fencing needs. They show up on time, do the job right the first time and know about customer service. Recently I hired them to replace several dozen fences at Peninsula Landing in Redwood City. There were fences with retaining walls, fences with lattice and fences around carports. They all look good."
-Rob Hyman, Property Manager, Manor Association

"We appreciate the adjustment we had to make to our fence after our neighbor to the left wanted to view 'more of the sky.' The brothers, Justin and Ian, were VERY pleasant, courteous and accommodating. We would HIGHLY recommend them!"
-Patty and Shel Zatkin

"Thanks again for the good work. We really appreciate your speed, responsiveness and fair pricing. Happy building!
-Chris Beirne, John Forte and Ellen
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We Build Structures of Exceptional Quality
We Build Structures of Exceptional Quality