Update !
New EZ-NetTools Site Is Affiliate Enabled
By Joseph West
Vice President
As promised in the July 2002 Advantage article, a new EZ-NetTools information site was developed and implemented in mid September. .The new site has more information and is more current than the old one. Over the next several months we will continue to enhance the descriptive information and to provide more details about all of the tools.
Not only is the site more informative, it is also an affiliated site. Consequently, you can now private label the site with your reseller information. The company name in the header and the contact information in the footer are dynamic, affiliate blocks. In other words, the name and address information will vary depending on how the visitor was referred to the site.
Creating a link from your site to the EZ-NetTools site.
You can have your information displayed on the header and footer of the EZ-NetTools informational site by putting an affiliate link on your web site. To do so you must create a link using the affiliate Page Builder block entitled “Link from Affiliate to Target.”I have created a demonstration page, Page A, that has such a link. My demo page will have some additional instructions. When you do it on your site, your page will likely have more of a promotional flavor. For this example, I have also configured the affiliate information at the EZ-NetTools site to return to my sample page. When you do this you can have the return come to any page you wish.
Click here to visit the demo page.
Configuring your information for the EZ-NetTools site.
We have added all active resellers as affiliates of the EZ-NetTools site. That means that your name and address information are in the affiliate tables. You can access this information by clicking on the “Affiliate Login” button on the bottom of the home page. (This link is only on the home page.) Your password is your reseller password as of the middle of September 2002. You should log in and verify that the information is correct. IMPORTANT! You should also indicate the appropriate links for the “Return URL” and the “Order URL.” We could not pre-fill this information so you must complete this information in order for the links on the EZ-NetTools site to return to your web site.
  • The “Return URL” is where they will be directed when clicking on your name.
  • The “Order URL” is where you them directed from the order now page.
I have a second demo page, Page B, where you will be directed if you click on the order now button after being directed there from the EZ-NetAdvantage web site.
NOTE: The affiliate database associated with the EZ-NetTools website is not linked to the ICServ reseller database. Therefore, if you change your address through your reseller tools, the change is not automatically changed in the affiliate database. You are responsible for maintaining your own affiliate information through the “Affiliate login” link. This link is only located on the home page, in the lower right corner.
Default Affiliate
Generally, once a person has been referred to the EZ-NetTools website through your link, your information should continued to display even if the person returns to the EZ-NetTools web site another time. This should be the case even if they then get to the site through a search engine. The first time they visit the site a permanent cookie is set on their computer.
However, if the person arrives at the EZ-NetTools site without going through a link from your website, the information for a default affiliate will be displayed. For the next few months this affiliate information will just be for EZ-NetTools and the affiliate links will return them to the home page. In essence, if a person arrived to this site independently from a reseller, it will be in a dead end site. Sometime in early 2003, we will change this default affiliate information to link to a functioning affiliate. At this point, visitor who wants more information or to place an order will be directed to a reseller who will provide the information and will accept an order.
We have great hopes that this new EZ-NetTools website will be a great benefit to you as you sell your web development services. Through the affiliate tools, you can integrate this site with your own reseller promotional site.