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Example Of Linking to EZ-NetTools Site
The purpose of this page is to serve as a demonstration page for linking to the newly revised EZ-NetTools informational web site. The site is now able to display dynamic information based on the refering web page. The link below is an example of such a link and will demostrate the power of the affiliated web site.
What to Look For
After you have linked to the EZ-NetTools informational site, notice the following customizable parts of the page.
  • "EZ-NetAdvantage-Reseller" in the header block
  • The name and address in the footer
  • If you click on the company name, you are directed back to this page
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By using the affiliate blocks correctly on your website, all of your information and links will reflect your business. You can determine where your customers will return to after visiting the EZ-NetTools informational site.
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