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Getting Started - Logging In
Sometimes the first step in using software is the most difficult. Once you get into a program you can usually find the help button. Starting EZ-NetTools® can present a unique start up challenge because, unlike traditional software, nothing is copied to your computer. The link below provides a list of what is required to use EZ-NetTools®.
List of Requirements to use EZ-NetTools®
Logging into EZ-NettoolsŪ
The first step is to connect to the Internet the way you normally would.
In the address bar of your browser, type and click the "Go" button with your mouse.
Login URL
You will see the Login in page. Enter your User ID and Password exactly as it appears on your "Start Up Certificate" (the password is case sensitive) and click on the "Login" button.
Login page
The first time you login, you will be requested to enter some information. Follow the on-line instructions to enter your information and to activate your account. The first time you will be taken directly to the main tools page that will look similar to the graphic below. (The links that you will see will vary depending on the package you purchased.)
EZ-NetTools main menu
Click here to continue the overview of the EZ-NetTools® Menus