Undeveloped Area West of the Air Port

There is a pristine parcel of land along the Teton River located west of the Rexburg Airport and east of the Highway 20. The city and county own parcels on both the north and south side of the river. The parcel on the north of the river is too low and floods readily. However, the parcel on the south side of the river is a beautiful area of about nine acres. This parcel is a wet land area. Ideas for including this parcel in the Madison Rivers Greenways is two fold. First, to become part of a path along the length of the Teton river. Second, to provide paths into the area in such a way that the public can learn about and appreciate the importance and beautify of our natural wetlands. The following pictures were taken during June 2002 when the Madison Rivers Greenway committee toured the area.
South side of river looking west
Water flow from the sewage treatment plant
Looking west towards Highway 20
Looking east toward airport, back to highway
Looking west towards Highway 20