"Growing Readers Together"
Suzanne Knoelk MS, CALP
Using Multi-Sensory Techniques to
Reach Struggling Readers

Meet Sue Knoelk....... Passionate educator, well versed Reading Specialist, and all around children's reading champion. Sue loves what she does on a daily basis. 
"As a classroom teacher, I was puzzled why some students struggled so much trying to apply phonics skills in their reading and spelling and why after dedicated instruction and practice, these students still were not fluent" ...............more

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My Offerings For You

Personalized Tutoring for Children

Learning to read and write truly opens new worlds to our children. I know as a parent it is difficult to watch your child struggle, so I offer literacy interventions tailored to each student's needs, whether or not there is a formal diagnosis of dyslexia ..............more
Special At Home Learning
Parent and Teacher University

  An online course community which will provide you with the resources you need to convert your reluctant and struggling readers into children that look forward to and enjoy reading............... more
Literacy and Learning Presentations

My years of formal education along with more than a decade of working side by side with children, parents and teachers allow me to create professional development programs and presentations for parents and educators that are targeted at your struggling readers............. more  
Access The Word

Coming Soon!.... (sign up and follow Sue and you will be notified when I launch) I will be launching an easy to teach Orton Gillingham based online, subscription based program for parents and educators  to use at home or at school............ more
The Fishbowl
Welcome to what I am calling my "Fishbowl." The fishbowl is where you and or your child can watch the different video lessons just as you would peer into a fishbowl. 

You will be able to see the various multi-sensory techniques I use to teach as well as the positive reinforcement for a job well done. 

If you still have a question after watching the video, please look at the comment thread under the video on YouTube, as we learn best from each other.

If you still have a question, please hop on over to my Facebook page and post your question. You may be surprised to find out you are not the only person who has that question. I will do my best to respond to your post as quickly as possible.
Multi-Sensory Sight Word Practice
Simultaneous Oral Spelling: Multi-Sensory
Structured Language Teaching Strategy
Orton Gillingham lesson: Multi-Sensory
Teaching Strategies, Part 1
Orton Gillingham lesson:  Multi-Sensory 
Teaching Strategies, Part 2
Orton Gillingham lesson: Phonogram and Blending Drill, Multi-Sensory Structured Language Teaching
Orton Gillingham lesson: Sentence Dictation,
Multi-Sensory Structured Language Teaching