Construction Management For The Builder

After reading this I encourage you to call me on my cell at 630-333-3241 and discuss your projects and needs. If you are partially into a project and find that you need some help, give me a call and lets talk about how we can make it work for you.

I operate as an independent project manager, and maintain the necessary insurance coverages, and lines of communication, such as cell phone, fax, and email, to make the job run smoothly and efficiently. I make it a point to be reachable at any time, and my years of experience enable me to make quick intelligent decisions, with regard to problem situations when they arise.

The basic builder management package begins after the building permits are secured, and consists of the following;

  1. Contact and alert all subcontractors
  2. Order materials and supplies
  3. Prepare the job-site for construction, i.e., clearing, silt fence, dumpster, etc.
  4. Pre-construction meeting with homeowner and/or builder and schedule subsequent meetings when they are necessary
  5. Daily management of the site and open communication with everyone involved.
  6. Meetings with designers/decorators, and specialists as needed
  7. Walk thru with local building officials
  8. I maintain a high level of quality control
  9. Deliver the Certificate of Occupancy to you

My fee for this level of service is generally 3.00% of construction costs, not the sales price but actual construction costs, excluding land. There are no other fees, all my costs are included in my fee. The fee may increase slightly if the custom features of the house rise significantly above normal.