Narrow Leaf Spring Assembly

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Narrow Leaf Springs

Developed by EPS with improved leaf design and arch.
1.75" width for added tire clearance.
Designed to mount flat for no rear steer.

B (150 lb)

$370 per pair

Narrow Leaf Spring Mounting Kit

Both sides front eye bolts, rear nickle-plated shackles
with 2 sets mounting holes, locking nuts, spacer washers
and narrowed urethane bushings.

'65 - '66 Mustang / Shelby
'67 - '70 Mustang / Shelby
'63 - '64 Falcon

$169 per kit

Lowering Blocks

Solid aluminum with steel pins. 1.75" width.

.75" or 1" height

$59 per pair

Spring Offset Adaptors

Tapered spacers with offset pin holes.
Sandwiched between the leaf spring and stock axle housing perch to move the spring inboard .375.
Not compatible with lowering blocks.

$50 per pair

Views of narrow leaf springs mounted

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