Dry nitrogen is used in race tires as a means of reducing pressure rise during racing when the temperature of the tire rises. Air has about 78% nitrogen. So going to near 100% is not a very significant change.

Basically, the key to dry nitrogen is the dry. If tires are filled with moist air, the water vapor is the reason for the excessive pressure rise. The use of dry nitrogen eliminates this problem. The benefits of dry nitrogen are minimal when the air is very dry, as is the case often in Colorado.

We carry a tank of dry nitrogen in our race trailer. While we do fill the tires with it, mostly we use it as a source of pressure to run our air power tools at the race course. A regulator is used to drop the very high pressure in the tank down to that which would normally be available from a typical shop air compressor.

Happy racing.

Walt Hane
Tech Tips-6

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