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4th of July Parade

Here are some pictures of the Rexburg 4th of July Parade. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the float/advertisement ratio. Way too many ads, not nearly enough floats, which makes for a somewhat boring parade. When it was time to go home, we ended up with a stack of flyer's, a pile of candy wrappers, and five sticky, sweaty kids. So, why do we go? Because it just wouldn't be the 4th of July without it! Richard's answer: To avoid an uproar amongst the offspring.

Marianne shelled out quite a bit of her own candy to keep James happy. What a good big sister.

I was really hoping that James would be happy buckled in his stroller, but no such luck. He wanted to be out there with all the other kids. Like any normal mother, I take every percaution to keep my 2 year old away from streets and moving cars. You can see why I was a little nervous letting him roam free in a street with moving cars. I only had to rescue him to safety once, however. (ARGH!)

James must have got bored after a while as well. He became more interested in the ants towards the end, so he made himself cozy and was staring them down. What a boy!

My parents had the traditional barbecue and swim party at their house later that day. I didn't take my camera, but it was a lot of fun, and I recall the food being plentiful and really yummy. Thanks Mom and Dad. You always throw such great celebrations! Later that evening, we lit off our cheap fireworks in our front yard with Melissa, Kevin, and Josh. I say they were "cheap", but we basically had to pull out all the entertainment money in our monthly budget to pay for them so, I guess they weren't very cheap... But, once again, it just wouldn't be the 4th of July without them. Plus, it's pretty much Thomas' dream come true to light stuff on fire so...