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Random Stuff

While Thomas and Richard were traipsing through the wilderness on their backpacking trip, I took Marianne, Sarah, and James to a beauty college to get their much needed haircuts. Marianne wanted a "before" shot, so here it is.

This was James' first time getting his haircut (somewhat) professionaly. I don't know why I haven't taken him before. It only costs $5.00, and he holds much more still for this lady than he ever has for me. Way worth it.

James got some hair in his mouth towards the end and wouldn't stop trying to get it out with the cape. I think he might have been using the wrong thing... He just kept licking the cape and practically gagging himself up until the very end when the lady finally got a clean rag and let him wipe his tongue on it. Poor kid. It was sure funny though.

After the haircuts, we stopped at Grandma and Granddad's house to play for a little while. William gathered up all of her orange Legos and built this. I thought it was pretty creative.

I guess I didn't take an official "after" shot of Marianne's haircut, but you can kind of see it in this photo. Much shorter, but very cute. Sarah's wasn't much different because Marianne wanted their hair to be the same length. (Whatever.) My Mom has a sign in her house that says, "Sugar 'em up. Squeeze 'em up. Send 'em home." This really IS how it seems to work. Here are the kids eating popcicles before leaving my parents' house.

It seems like every child, at some point, gets into their mother's make-up. Well, James found some bright pink lipstick (the kind I use on Marianne for her ballet recitals) and gave himself quite the lipstick mustache. He was standing on the toilet right next to me while I was getting ready. (This goes to show how "aware" I'm NOT sometimes.) I didn't even realize he had done it until I took him off the toilet, set him on the ground, and looked at his face. Silly James.

This is the day after Richard got back from backpacking, and he was totally shot. Sarah had a fever and was not feeling well, so they took a nap together. Like father, like daughter.