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Bear World

I take way too many pictures! Sorry. These are pictures of our recent trip to Bear World. We went the morning of "Kids are Free" day, and it was perfect. Not a lot of people, great weather, and we saw lots of bears, although, I think the kids had most of their fun on the rides and in the petting zoo. They had a hard time opening their eyes for this first shot. Too sunny!

I loved that they had baby deer (faun I guess) in the zoo. They were definitely the kids' favorite!

Here is James trying to feed the deer. He actually started with some real food that Thomas gathered up. The deer ate that, but when it was gone James said to the deer (most sincerely), "I'll go get some more, okay?" It was adorable. All he could find, however was a blade of grass that the deer didn't want. He was literally trying to shove it in the deer's mouth. I am glad it was a nice deer.

These next two pictures involve James chasing a poor bird. It lasted quite a while, but lucky for the bird, it was a little faster than James so he finally gave up.

Here is William enjoying a goat.

Sarah loves pigs, but I think this is her first experience seeing one up close. When she first saw it she said (quite suprised), "It's gray?" She is used to her cute little pink stuffed animal pig. This must be the same pig we saw at the zoo a few years ago when we went. And I am pretty sure it is still in the same place. In fact, Richard and I concluded that it hadn't moved at all since we saw it three years ago.

And, of course, we had to go on all the amusement rides as many times as possible before we left. Luckily, they were free too!

William wasn't sure he wanted to ride this one at first, so this is me and the other kids with one other random girl sitting next to James.

Is it mean to laugh when your kids get scared? I really thought this was too cute. James was holding on for dear life and I yelled for Richard to take a picture because I thought it was so funny!

Oh ya, and we saw some bears too. Tons of them. We decided the best time to drive through is when you can get right behind the curator tour truck. This way you have the advantage of watching the bears get fed without having to pay the extra money to go on the curator tour! I think we counted 20ish bears in one place at one point. And we got some great close ups of the grizzly's.