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Richard's Birthday

Richard turned 32 on September 10th. The kids were so cute all day. They were constantly showering Richard with notes, hugs, kisses, and many Happy Birthday wishes. Richard wasn't that thrilled to be turning 32, but having a bunch of excited kids around that are absolutely ecstatic and think you should be too, well, it's hard not to feel extra special. It also happened to be the night of our first Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra rehearsal for the season. So we had a small, quick party with the kids and our parents. We had Craigo's provide the dinner, and I made Richard's favorite treat for dessert, peach cobbler. I managed to get two pictures that turned out. In the first picture, Marianne is showing Richard the candy gram that we made for him. I thought this was a cute idea that we could just throw together at the last minute. Well, as it turned out, we had to go to three different stores to find all the different candy bars we needed. CRAZY! Who would have thought that they just don't sell Big Hunks at every grocery store in town?

While the kids and I were at Wal-Mart looking for the right candy, they discovered the card aisle. I usually don't even bother with cards, but the kids went crazy! So, they went to the card aisle themseleves and quickly returned with what they thought was the perfect birthday card. It turned out to be just that! It was so funny that I will just have to explain it. First of all, it was one of those clever cards that talks when you open them. This one happened to have a picture of Homer Simpson on the front with a cake topped with burning candles. Homer's two hairs were also on fire and Homer was screaming "AGGGGGHHHH!!"
This is what the talking card says when you open it, (this is Homer speaking, of course.)

"AAHH! FIRE! WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO? OH! THE SONG! THE SONG! (singing) When a fire starts to burn, there's a lesson you must learn. Something, something, then you'll see, you'll avoid catastrophe. (end of singing)...DOH!"

The kids went hysterical with this card and they just knew Richard would love it. And, of course, he did. Sometimes, the Simpson's can really provide a much needed laugh. Despite the fact that Richard was a little depressed on his birthday, we were all happy to have the opportunity to celebrate HIM for a day! He is the most wonderful father and husband anyone could ask for! Thank you Richard for being so smart, kind, and fun! We all love you SO MUCH!