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Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve the Burt family has a tradition of performing and singing at the nursing home. This year was especially fun, I thought. For the last number, Richard and I, and Thomas and Marianne played Silent Night on our stringed instruments while the rest of the family sang. It was our first official "family quartet!" As we were packing up to leave, this cute old man came up to Anna and Sarah and asked if they wanted a ride in his wheel chair. I didn't get a picture of anything else, but I just thought this was adorable so I ran for my camera. Of course, William and Adam had to get a ride as well!

After a yummy Christmas Eve dinner, Grandma Dixie and Granddad took our kids out to the playhouse so Granddad could read them a Christmas book. Afterwards, Grandma served up sugar cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows. They have done this the past few years for all the grandchildren present. This was the first year it was only our kids. But, they still managed to have a good time anyway.

I was glad mom and dad took this picture of a tree in their yard. It snowed pretty much constantly for two or three days before Christmas. On Christmas day it didn't snow, but it started up again the day after. I don't remember seeing this much snow in Rexburg for years. It sure makes for beautiful, white scenery!