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Thomas' Birthday

Thomas turned nine on December 19th! I still can't believe I have a nine-year-old! Here he is opening presents from his grandparents. Ashley, Magan, and Rachel (a few cousins) stopped by just in time to see him open presents. Because we have three December birthdays, Thomas and William only get one or two small gifts from us on their birthdays and we give them the rest on their half birthdays in June. It has worked nicely so far and they don't seem to mind. As you can see, they are still spoiled!

Okay, I have to explain the cake. Luckily, Thomas made it pretty easy for me. (As I recall, this particular day was the busiest day of my life up to this point - CRAZY!) Anyway, Thomas wanted a picture of the Star Trek Enterprise along with the Borg on his cake. (Anyone who is familiar with Star Trek knows what I am talking about.) I told him he had to draw a picture for me and he did. I wish I would have taken a pictue of the picture he drew because it really did look like this. My mom is the one who copied it onto the cake for me. Thanks mom! So, I bet you have never seen a birthday cake quite like this one before! Here is the cake and Thomas blowing out the candles!

We were lucky enough to have Jared and Kevin at Thomas' birthday party and I managed to get this great picture of them together. What handsome brothers I have!