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Kids & Snow

Richard didn't want me to post this because he thinks it's absolutely gross, but I just had to anyway. James was freely giving Lexi (our renters dog) kisses. Normally, he puckers up, but I couldn't seem to get a picture of that. This will have to do. I thought it was cute. It will be interesting to see what James thinks of this a few years down the road.

Marianne loves holding and playing with Lexi. We are so glad that our renter's have a dog, so we don't have to feel quite so guilty about refusing to get one. (We have enough animals around the house as it is!:)

This is how I caught James one day. He was having the time of his life playing in our bathroom sink. (At least it wasn't the toilet.)

I took this picture the morning after a blizzard. School was canceled this day, although it was beautiful outside. Since this day, it has continued to snow in Rexburg. We are not sure what to do with it all, but we are grateful for the moisture. The icicles hanging from our roof are curved to the side. That ought to say a lot about the weather here in Rexburg. Somewhere in this picture is our sidewalk and steps going up to our house...

This is what's left of our mailbox.

This is our backyard. Marianne was the first to shovel the pathways for our renters. During Chrismas break when it really started to snow and the renters were out of town, Marianne decided on her own to shovel pathways. She spent a good two hours doing this one day until Richard finally managed to get her to come in.