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Space Derby 2008
Pack 216

Here are pictures of the recent Space Derby. This was probably one of the highlights of both Thomas and Richard's life up to this point. (Not exaggerating) I am pretty sure that Richard was just reliving his cub scout days through Thomas. Although Richard did most of the work on this particular rocket, Thomas had a good time watching and learned much, such as, the importance of paying attention to detail and following the instructions. They must have done a good job, because Thomas got first place. The rocket flew like a charm and they were both on cloud nine! These pictures (except the first, which was taken at home) are thanks to the Gardner's in our ward who didn't forget their camera...

Here are Thomas and Richard anxiously waiting their turn. I can't decide if this race is a contest for the boys or the dad's. It's a toss-up. I was somewhat surprised at how competitive the father's a good way, of course. :) Many of the fathers kept asking Richard what he did to make his work so well.

I love Thomas in these next two pictures. You can sense the magnitude as you notice his fingers crossed and the "prayerful expression". Aren't boys just the greatest! Next to him is his good friend, Zach Gardner who ended up in 2nd place.

Here are the very proud, very ecstatic winners of the Cub Scout Space Derby! Thomas and Zach. What cute kids!