EZ-File Manager, Basics
1. Introduction
The purpose of this basic course is to teach you how to transfer a file (a photo or a graphic) from your personal computer to your EZ-NetToolsŪ member account. There are two tools that can accomplish this transfer (commonly called uploading), EZ-FileManager and EZ-Browse. EZ-FileManager is a more complete and feature rich tool, while EZ-Browse is usually used to find a file for a link. Both of these tools can do much more, but we will only deal with the uploading of files in this short course. In this course we will only describe EZ-FILEMANAGER.
If you want to upload photos into an EZ-PhotoAlbum directory, it would be better to use the upload features in the EZ-PhotoAlbum tools. Click here if this is what you want to do.
Note: Other web companies will use a program called File Transfer Protocol or FTP to upload files. This is a very common and useful program. EZ-FileManager accomplishes basically the same function. EZ-NetTools® does not use FTP because a server that allows FTP to transfer files is inherently insecure and could be easily compromised by a hacker.
Starting EZ-FileManager
There are two ways to start EZ-FileManager. It does not make any difference which one you use. Just use the one that is easiest for you.
First, there is a link on the construction menu for starting EZ-FileManager.
Link from construction tools
Second, when you are working within EZ-PageBuilder, in the drop down list is an option to start EZ-FileManager. When you start File Manager from within Page Builder, a new window opens to display the File Manager page. This is different than the first method described above. Just prior to opening the File Manager page, the Construction Tools menu page will briefly display.
Starting from within EZ-PageBuilder
When you click on the EZ-FileManager link you will be taken to the EZ-FileManager page, similar to the one shown below. What you will see depends on the folders and directories that are in your account.
Overview of File Manager
2 - Uploading Files