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Civil Defense Cave

While Mark and Dalene were in town, they invited us to join them on a trip out to the Civil Defense Cave. Here are some of the kids standing in front of the opening. I don't think I got a picture of Chase, their 6 year old son, during the Ferguson get together, but you can see him here. Our kids had a lot of fun with Chase. Finally, William was able to play with a cousin his same age!

Daddy and James getting ready to head in. We were worried about James in the cave, but he actually held his own really well. He didn't even want our help unless it was absolutely necessary. If we did try to hold his hand he would take it away and say, "Don't! My walk!"

The kids had fun climbing all over the rocks. At any time they could have slipped and hurt themselves pretty badly. It always surprises me how easily the kids seem to handle themselves in rough territory like this. It's almost like they were built for it. It wasn't so easy for me!

Trevor, Jamie, and Karri getting ready to go in. It was so hot outside, but once we got in the caves, it was freezing. There was even ice on the rocks in a few places.

This is a picture of James once we were inside the caves. It was pitch dark without our flashlights.

Bryan and Rachel came prepared with a great game that we played once we were inside the cave. They brought glow sticks which they cut open and sprinkled all over the caves and all over us. This made glowing specks everywhere that you could only see when there was no other light. It is hard to imagine, but it looked a lot like a starry sky inside the cave. We then played hide-and-seek with all the flashlights turned off. Since everyone matched the floor and rocks in the cave with glowing specks, it was hard to spot anybody. In fact, many times, a person was mistaken for a rock. The only way you could really spot someone was when they moved. It was quite a clever little game.

There is a long, rough, dirt road that you have to take to get out to the caves. Mark and Dalene took their car, but left it on the side of the road for the rough part. On the way in, they just hopped in the back of our pick-up. On the way back, the kids were all begging to ride in the back. I was the designated driver, so me and James rode in front while Richard, Mark, a few of his kids, and the rest of our kids, all got to ride in the back. Sadly, I think this was the first time our kids have had a chance to ride in the back of a pick-up. It's just not something that is done anymore, but I think every kid should get to experience it at some point. I remember riding in the back of my Dad's pick-up many times as a kid. It's an important part of childhood is it not? :) I couldn't resist these pictures in the rear view mirrors. They weren't the best because I was trying to drive and take them at the same time. Sarah especially liked hanging her arms and head over the side. Don't worry Mom, I drove quite slowly.

This was a tricky picture to take. I was looking in my rear view mirror to try and see where the picture was on the back of my camera so I could center it right.(If that makes any sense.) It's probably good that no cars were coming the other direction!

William, Richard, and Mark.