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This post details our last two summer excursions. They happend to both be waterfalls, so I combined them.

On August 11th we decided to take the kids to Mesa Falls for Family Home Evening. Afterwards, we took them to Great Grandma and Granddad Burt's to roast marshmallows.

These are pictures we took at Grandma and Granddad's. They were so nice to let us show up with not much notice. I had told the kids that we were only going to roast marshmallows and nothing else (including ride the golf cart). But, just as we were starting to roast marshmallows, Granddad drove up in the golf cart ready and willing to give rides. They were thrilled! What can I say? Great Grandparent's are the best! We sure love Grandma and Granddad Burt and all they do for us!

My sweet, beautiful Grandma Burt eating a s'more. I love that she joined right in on the gooey fun of eating these messy, but yummy treats.

James must take after me. Skip the mess and go straight for the chocolate!

Good thing golf carts have headlights.

The kids also had fun rolling down the hill by their house.

On Friday, August 15th, Melissa and Kevin invited us to go with them to Cave Falls in Yellowstone. I guess we figured we hadn't seen enough waterfalls yet, plus we wanted to take advantage of our last weekend of summer. So, here are some pictures of the waterfalls at Cave Falls.

I love this shot of James staring at the waterfall.

All the kids, including Josh, on the trail.

Josh, Marianne, and Thomas taking a little rest on the trail. They were obviously enjoying some no-bake cookies that Melissa brought.

James seems to be a magnet to dirt. By the end of the evening he was so filthy, but he sure had fun!

This is inside the cave off to the side of the waterfall. You can see that James would rather be where the water is.

Thomas and Josh on a rock where the cave and the waterfall meet.

And of course, we had to make time for James' favorite activity.

Sisterly love. Got to get pictures of short moments like this.