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Ferguson Gathering

Richard's brother, Mark, and his family came from Indiana to bring a couple of their children to BYU-I. We only get to see their whole family about once every three or so years, so a gathering was planned. These pictures were taken at Mom and Dad's on Monday August 4th. Standing from left to right are: Aimee, Jake, Georgann, and Mom. Sitting are two of Mark's kids, Karri and Trevor. Trevor just returned from a mission to Brazil. Dad had him give a report while we were there, which was very neat to hear. It was fun to listen to Trevor and Richard speak Portuguese back and forth, even though nobody could understand them. I am grateful for such awesome family members that set good examples for our children.

Pictured here are JC (Scott and Julie's son), Jamie (Mark and Dalene's daughter), and Millie (Becky and Sid's daughter).

When you get so many kids together, someone always ends up crying. Here is Richard trying to help Sarah feel better.

However, what helped more than anything was me taking a picture of her. She immediately jumped up and started making faces for the camera. Silly girl.

Rachel (Mark's daughter) and her husband Bryan. They just recently discovered that they are expecting. They are so cute with our kids - they will be awesome parents!

Dad and Julie

Mark and Dalene with their daughter, Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn and McKinley (Scott and Julie's daughter) babysat all the kids while the adults went to a movie one evening. What sweet girls! Kaitlyn has grown up so much since the last time we saw her!

I think Uncle Mark was James' favorite person! James just loved being teased by Mark, as you can tell in these next two pictures.

One more adorable picture of Karri and Jamie. I remember when these girls were just little girls. Now they have blossomed into beautiful young ladies!