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Since we had three birthdays this month, I thought it would just be easier to combine them all into one post. Sarah's birthday was December 1st, and she turned five! She is growing way too fast for us to keep up. Sarah loves drawing and Pet Shops, and is beginning to read. She learns a lot from her older siblings, and enjoys playing pretend with them - especially when it involves her animals. Sarah can be very sweet and cuddly, and has the cutest giggle ever! We love her so much!

Joy School at our house landed right on Sarah's birthday, so we were able to have a little party for her that morning. This first picture is her and all of her Joy School friends, her cousin Rachel, and James.

Grandma Dixie stopped by for a while to wish Sarah a Happy Birthday.

Mommy and Sarah.

Grandpa Ferguson and Sarah

I love this picture of Sarah and Marianne.

Getting ready to blow out the candles. We thought it would be a good idea to make her cake a Pet Shop cake. I love it when I don't have to be creative to make my kids happy! Luckily, the toys themselves worked as decoration.

William turned seven on December 13th. William is a great kid to have around. He is so easy-going and easy to please. Although he is more quiet, he is smart and figures things out quite easily. He follows in Thomas' footsteps, and can usually keep up just great. He does well in school, loves doing projects (especially when they involve staples, tape and paper), building Lego's, making up and writing music on staff paper, and playing the computer. William is patient, kind, and fun to have around. We love you, William!

William's birthday was on a Saturday this year, so we decided to have a little party for both Thomas and Williams' birthdays. They had a few friends over, and got to break a pinata. They were very excited, and it didn't take much for a bunch of very energetic boys to tear that pinata apart! (Yes, this is our garage, and yes it is a mess. Just ignore that part.:)

Once again, I didn't need be creative for this cake. William made a simple Lego airplane and planted it on top - add a few sprinkles, and there you have it!

William and Richard with Grandma and Grandpa Ferguson

Thomas turned TEN on December 19th. Thomas is really a lot of fun, and always so full of energy. He is very into "boy" things such as, BB guns, pocket knives, camouflage, Lego's, airplanes, etc. and he also keeps a spot open for the cello. He has a good friend at school named Jaedon. They get along fabulously, and seem to like all of the same things. We are grateful for and love Thomas and the excitment he brings to our family.

By the time Thomas' birthday rolls around, we have all had our fill of cake and ice cream. So, this year I suggested cherry pie, which he loves, and brownies. He thought that was a great idea. So, here are the candles on his "birthday brownies".