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Recitals and Programs

Once again, I will just combine all the recitals into one post. First, is a picture of Richard and I after he performed in a recital at BYU-I. Yes, Richard is a student again! He took two classes this last semester and is trying to work out his schedule and finances to go full time next semester. He performed the 3rd movement of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. He has all three movements of this piece memorized and is perfecting them for his upcoming performance with the Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra. Richard has been practicing for 3+ hours every day since he started going back to school. (Which is a lot considering he is still running a music store, teaching 30+ private students, and teaching orchestra in two schools.) I don't know how he does it all, but even with his busy schedule, he still makes time for me and the kids. He is amazing. :) I would like to post a video of his performance, but I think I won't. If you want to hear him play, you will just have to come to his performance in March. :) He has been sounding SO GOOD, and it is a treat for me to listen to him practice every night.

Here is Thomas getting ready to perform at his cello recital. Thomas is enjoying the cello and is sounding so good! Brian Ashton has been a great teacher, and we feel blessed that he has been able to take from him.

This is a picture of Marianne, Thomas, and William at the recital Richard and I had for our students. We had Marianne and William play and they also did great!

(For some reason, Mom started the duet in the wrong key - oops! So that's why it sounds a little "off" at the beginning! William played it perfectly, however!)


I also teach my niece, Magan, so she played in the recital as well. Magan is really picking up on the violin quickly and did great at her first violin recital. She just turned 12 and look how tall and beautiful she is! (A lot of people say she looks like me! :) Here is Marianne, Magan, and my Mom.

These next few pictures are of Sarah dancing in ballet. Her class had a demonstration for the parents in December. The actual recital won't be until May. She changes her mind about ballet a lot, but most recently she said she loves it and doesn't want to quit.

After posting all of these pictures, I am beginning to realize why December has been such a busy month! Marianne's 3rd grade class, as well as the other two 3rd grade classes, put on a very fun Christmas program for the parents. They sang a few of the great songs I remember learning in grade school. In the first picture, Marianne is waiting to get started. She is sitting next to one of her good friends, Alicia Olson. In the second picture, she is playing a chime. She sang so well, and we could tell she loved every minute of it!