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On Holiday

These are a few pictures I took during the break between Christmas and New Years. This week was such a relaxing, wonderful week. We didn't do anything really exciting, which must be what made it so nice. Stress free! I already miss the holidays and can't wait until next year!
Here is James playing in the snow. Not quite sure what the backpack was for.

Marianne and Sarah

I love this picture of my boys. Thomas with his soft air machine gun (Richard bought that one - I had nothing to do with it!) and the others building Legos. Richard sported this hair-do a lot during the holidays. Why get ready if you don't have to???

We brought in the New Year at Melissa and Kevin's house again this year. Dec. 31st is Melissa's birthday, so we had cake and ice cream, and then we played games the rest of the night while the kids watched movies upstairs till the wee hours of the morning. Goodbye 2008!