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April was a very good month for the Ferguson family! First and most exciting....drumroll...James became officially potty-trained!!! Yay! First time in over 10 years that we haven't had a kid in diapers! James didn't make it easy either. I definitely had a harder time with him than any of the kids. After trying every possible trick in the book (some several times), he finally just surprised us one night and did it all by himself. He came running out of the bathroom yelling, "Mom! I pooped in the toilet!" I didn't believe him at first, but sure enough, he did, and we haven't had an accident since. HOO-RAY is all I have to say about that!!! :D Other April highlights included Marianne's 9th birthday, my 31st birthday, Richard's Junior recital, and the end of a semester for Richard which meant a little (but just a little) break for us! Another Yay!

Marianne's Birthday

Marianne was very excited to wake up to this in the living room on the morning of her birthday! She turned 9 years old on April 9, 2009. Wow! That's a lot of nines!

Posing in the new dress that Grandma Dixie got her for her birthday. I love this picture of her. Isn't she a doll?

Blowing out her candles. She wanted a Dairy Queen ice cream cake so that's what we got. (Makes it kind of easy for Mom.) :)

Not a good picture of Mom, but very cute of Marianne. Happy birthday to our sweet little girl!


Our renters leave during the summers to sell alarm systems, for which the kids are very sad. They love Tyson and Amy, but they also love their cute little dog, Lexi. Before they headed out, I managed to snatch a couple pictures of Sarah and James playing with Lexi. Lexi is a very fast runner, and nobody (including other dogs) can keep up with her. It's really fun to watch her play and speed through the yard.

You can see here how Lexi flys through the air!

Lexi loves to play "fetch" which is what they were playing in these pictures. We are already looking forward to Tyson and Amy's return in September!


These are pictures of the kids coloring Easter eggs Saturday morning before Easter. Some of them were still in Pj's, and they pretty much all still had bed-head, but who cares - we had a blast!

James had fun coloring eggs, but I think he had even more fun smashing them. "Gentle" is just not part of a three-year-old boys' programing.

Crazy Kids

The rest of the pictures are just random ones I took during April. James fell asleep in this position and I thought it was pretty cute. He doesn't generally take naps anymore, but once in a while he will fall asleep in the afternoon. It's nice until bedtime, when he doesn't go to sleep until after 10:00!

Here are the kids all lined up watching (obviously) Spongebob. I used to detest this show, and I still do for the most part, but the kids love it. I was hoping we could somehow just avoid it since we don't get TV stations, but they saw an episode at my parents' house and became addicted. I rented a movie of Spongbob, which is what you see here. I don't know why any of this is interesting - I mostly just thought the picture of all the kids lined up was cute.
{I think I remember when I could sit on my feet like that for hours it seemed. Now it just hurts even looking at them!}

This is how Sarah goes to sleep most nights. She arranges her blankets and stuffed animals all around her on the bed. She loves her little animals so much that she gives up her blankets for them. She did this all winter long - even on chilly nights. I guess this might explain why she ends up climbing in bed with us most nights...hmmmm.

Isn't this sweet? I think this was actually taken on Marianne's birthday.

More cool Lego creations by Thomas. The Empire State Building and a P-51 Mustang. (This is what Thomas told me. I don't really know my aircraft that well.)

James and Sarah had a lot of fun with Po in this box. (Po actually belongs to our renters. I think it's Lexi's! Hope she doesn't mind...) Why is it that kids love boxes so much?

Check back soon! More of April still to come...