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Starting in January, a typical day for Richard involved teaching private lessons (He has 30+ students each week), attending classes at BYU-I (he took 15 credits), teaching orchestra in Sugar City (two classes), practicing violin for 3 hours, running a music store, homework, and we can't forget, spending time with family. And what else??? Oh, we were also both involved with the community orchestra which Richard was preparing to perform a 30-minute concerto with in March. (Memorized, of course.) Could KaraLyn have pulled all this off? No. But, Richard is amazing, and was blessed with super-human powers. Through it all, KaraLyn STILL received her nightly back rubs (Aaah...), and as you will see, we still managed to squeeze in a few family activities. Yay!

Like father like son? James has taken up a love for the violin lately, and will ask to play his "veow-lin" (emphasis on the "in") on occasion. Although we have attempted to demonstrate proper position and playing techniques, he likes to be independent and play in his own way and with his own style. Sometimes, he will pull out his violin and practice with Daddy.

(With all the music stands that seem to get in our way around the house, I am not sure how Richard didn't end up with one here...)

My Funny Kids!

James really enjoys putting puzzles together, especially this one with Lighting McQueen. When I went to snatch a picture of these two after finishing it, James thought it would be funny to mess it up, and immediately got to work. He was too quick for me, and Sarah panicked as any girl would do in this desperate situation.

Sarah was frantically trying to salvage the puzzle while smacking James on the side of the head. (My little multi-tasker.) You can see James trying to protect himself. I should have gone to his rescue, but I was having way too much fun taking pictures.

She clearly takes after me and not Richard, because she gave up trying after only seconds, and began to slide the pieces onto the floor.

This made James upset, of course, because it was only fun while HE was doing the messing up!

So they pout.

Then I zoom in on James, and the realization hits once again...

Mommy's got the camera!!! :)

{I love my kids!}

Tubing at the Dunes

On Presidents Day, when Richard and the kids were out of school, we thought we would take the boys tubing. The girls were invited to go to the movie with Amy (our very sweet renter whom they love!), so they couldn't come with us. We stopped at Clair & Dee's on the way to pick up some tubes. It was the perfect day for sledding, and the dunes provided great hills with lots of space! I can't decide if I had more fun tubing or taking pictures. :)

Me with Thomas. I need to get me some snow pants!



You might be a redneck if...

(Looks like Richard could also use some snow pants!)


The Tetons were just specks far, far away. I was surprised my camera zoomed in so well!