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February = Valentines Day + snow. And, that was about as eventful as February was for us. I don't know that we even did anything special for Valentines. Richard was just too busy. But, the kids had fun at their school parties and came home with lots of Valentines & candy. I (and Richard) thouroghly enjoyed some bags of Gobstopper valentine hearts and gummy cinamon hearts sprinkled with sugar. This is one reason I love the different holidays and seasons of the year. There is always something traditional to indulge in. However, there is a down side to these "indulgences" as Sarah in her sweet innocence pointed out one day. She climbed on my lap while I was relaxing on the rocking chair, pointed to my tummy, and asked, "Mommy, when are you going to have this baby?" I explained to her that I am not pregnant and she insisted that I must be because there was clearly a bump. And that was the day my five-year old gave me a reality check! :0 Here are a few very random pictures I took this month.

Sarah is my little artist. She loves to draw. While the older kids were preparing their Valentine's to take to school, Sarah was sitting at the table, drawing, as usual. At one point, I remember her asking, "What animal is a Valentine animal?" (Sarah also loves animals, and loves drawing animals. When she does draw people, she makes them into animals. I have been many different animals in her pictures of me.) Anyway, before I could answer, William blurted out, "A mouse!" A while later, we all started finding these Valentines from Sarah. She made one for everyone in the family, and placed them on our beds. They each had a mouse on them. This was mine, and I am so glad I took a picture, because within an hour of taking this picture, it was ripped in half!

Snow and Stuff

James loved playing in the snow this winter. I just wish I could find him some decent gloves! Anyone know where to get good gloves for little kids? I hate those stupid knit gloves that they sell everywhere! Honestly - this is REXBURG! What kid wants to play in the snow with those??? Guaranteed to get your hands cold and wet and STAY cold and wet!!!

Anyway, isn't this a cute picture of James?!?

And this is what happens when you neglect to put away the summer toys... Not sure where he thinks he's going to go with that trike!

Just a random picture of Sarah playing with her Little People. The red top is a hand-me-down from our neighbor. She wears it almost every day, and will often just put it away with her clean clothes at the end of the day so she can continue wearing it the next day. (Despite how dirty it may be...Girls!)

When Thomas spends a lot of time on a Lego creation, he will usually ask me to take a picture, so here you have it!
side-note: Lego's are pretty much the ONLY toy that can hold Thomas' attention for more than a few minutes.