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Backyard Creations 2007

I’ve often wished we could buy our kids a swing set, but this summer I realized I shouldn’t feel too bad. With no swing set to play on, the kids were able to really use their imaginations. These are a few of the creations they made over the summer. I just had to take pictures!

After the first very heavy snowfall, (while the leaves were still on the trees!) many tree limbs broke all over Rexburg. We were gone for harvest break during this so we weren’t able to witness it. Thank goodness for our wonderful renters, Amy and Tyson, who cut down our whole entire tree that basically split right in half! When we got home, it was just a big pile of branches. The kids saw those branches and started dragging them all over the yard to make more creations! Marianne did this particular one all by herself, although, they all enjoyed playing with those branches. (Do you think branches are safe for children ages 3+???)

This is what was left of that tree. I guess Richard’s tree house will just have to wait…..

I had to add this cute one of James and Lexi, our renters’ dog. Lexi will run right up to James and jump all over him giving him “dog kisses.” James sticks out his hand so she can lick it, and has even tried offering Lexi his binki. He giggles so cute around Lexi! It’s adorable.