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Burt Family Reunion 2007
August 7-9, 2007

We arrived at Heise Hot Springs before everyone else. (Although, I assumed we would be getting there a little late!) We set up two tents Ė one for the kids, and one for Richard and I, and James. As always, mom and dad had many fun things planned for the three days. Of course, the kids were able to spend some time swimming and the guys golfed. I think the women just tried to relax as much as possible when we werenít cleaning sticky, burnt marshmallow off faces and fingers or, chasing after toddlerís who couldnít seem to stay in the designated camp sites. Mom and Becky set up a table for the girlís with thousands of beads (it seemed) and we got to make pretty jewelry. I donít know who had more fun, the momís or the girlís! Meanwhile, Dad took the grandsonís on a compass course. They got to find hidden treasure! It was especially fun this year to have Grandma and Granddad Burt there. Each night, Richard and I put the kids to sleep and snuck over to their comfy Airstream to play 3 to 13. The time spent with grandma and granddad was priceless! Dad made some wonderful berry cobbler and the meals were all so excellent! Thanks mom and dad for the wonderful memories!