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Halloween 2007

Here we are, ALL of us in our Halloween costumes at Rexburg Motor Sports. I was seriously NOT planning to dress up, but on Halloween morning, Richard went to Kmart and bought some costumes which he thought would suffice for Aragorn and Arwen. So this was our attempt. I think he mostly just wanted an excuse to carry around his sword that usually hangs in his office at work. (It is an exact copy of the sword Aragorn uses in the movie.) I am assuming, of course, that everyone knows I am talking about The Lord of the Rings. If you haven't seen these movies then I am utterly shocked! They are pretty much the best movies EVER! (Little did you know that we aren't just music nerds, but Lord of the Rings nerds and, of course, Star Trek nerds. Our kids are, as you can see, Star Wars nerds and princess nerds! :)

Here are the kids ready to go stock up on a year's worth of candy to be eaten within the next day or two. And Richard and I go along with this???

This was Halloween night. Grandma Dixie planned this great doughnut-eating contest. I am not sure who won, but the kids sure had a lot of fun! Thanks for planning such fun stuff for the grandkids, mom! You are awesome!

Pretty much every time I took a picture of James, he was stuffing his face. Little Yoda just loooves candy!

The kindergarten had a little program at the nursing home on Halloween. They sang a bunch of cute Halloween songs. I have to tell you a story about this picture. This ought to get me worst mother of the year award. William gets on the bus at 7:40 in the morning and I was rushing that morning to get him fed and into his costume before the bus came. It was freezing outside with lots of frost on the ground. The bus came, I sent him out the door and continued to get the other kids ready for school. At about 10:30 Richard and I were at the nursing home watching the cute little kindergartners walk in when we saw William without shoes. I immediately asked him, "Where are your shoes?" He responded, "You forgot to put them on me this morning!" I just about died! I don't know which was worse, the guilt or the embarrassment! Never mind the fact that he can get his own shoes, or that he didn't "notice" as he was running to the bus that something was missing. Anyway, notice his socks in this picture and try to imagine this poor kid at recess on a cold day...with no shoes. What kind of a mother would send her five year old to school, in Rexburg, with no shoes? Duh!