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Sale Animals

2022 Lambs
The 2022 Lambing season is well over and we have 45 healthy lambs bouncing around in the pasture.  I used three new rams this year, all out of my breeding, and got a wide variety of colors, ranging from black to white, to brown, to English Blues.  Lots of spotting as well.

Updated photos taken June 11-14 of all lambs now available on the slideshow & Sire pages!

To see a slideshow of the 2022 Lambs click on the photo below.   
2020 Lamb Slideshow 
The slideshow will come up with a view of 20 lambs per page.  The initial page will show the lambs shortly after being born.  If you click on a photo it will bring up the most current picture of that lamb along with additional information.  You can also view a running slide show of the lambs by clicking on "View Slideshow".  When you run the slideshow it will bring up a current photo of the lamb but there is no information other than its name. 
 Another way to view the Lambs is to go to the Heard Sire section below.  Here there are links to pages with all the lambs by a particular ram.

2022 Herd Sires
CS Coconino, SDA Cirrus, SDA Quincy, & SDA Doppler
Below are the rams that were used for the 2022 lamb crop.
By clicking on a ram's photo, you will be taken to a new page that will have all that ram's lambs along with the information about each lamb.  To get a bigger photo of a particular lamb, just click on the lambs photo. 
To see a complete set of each ram's breeding paperwork, click on the ram's blue underlined name.  

Navajo-Churro Rams for Sale
No adult rams available at this time

Navajo-Churro Ewes for Sale
No adult ewes available for sale at this time.
Reserving lambs
  • If you see any lambs that interests you, we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about them.  Then, if you decide you'd like to reserve any lambs we'd appreciate a $50 deposit for each lamb you wish to reserve. 
  • At 2 1/2 to 3 months of age, lambs are weaned and reassessed for breed quality characteristics.  At that time updated photos will be posted and people with reserved lambs will have two weeks to commit to or decline on the animals they've reserved.  The $50 deposit will be refunded at that point if you choose not to take the animal you've reserved or if we decide a lamb you've reserved is exhibiting non-breed quality characteristics.  If you do decide to purchase the animals you've reserved we'll ask for a 25% down payment (to which the $50 deposit will be applied) to hold them, with payment-in-full due before they leave our farm.  Our complete Terms of Sale are listed at the bottom of this page.
Terms of Sale:
  •  25% down will hold your selection, with the balance due by the time the sheep leaves the farm.
  • Prices for unsold animals are subject to change.
  • Travel related expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.  This includes the cost of health certificates and any testing that might be required by your state.
  • All sale animals will be current on vaccinations and will be wormed just prior to pick up.  Records of all health related items are available upon request.
  • It is our goal to sell breed quality, registerable sheep, so we offer the following Resistration Guarantee:  if a sheep we sell to you fails to register with the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association, we will refund your pruchase price for that animal or apply it to a replacement animal.  Transportation and travel related fees are non-refundable.
Please contact us at  for additional information or with questions.

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